Electropolishing of a Tank Bottom Cone

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Electropolishing of a Tank Bottom Cone

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A customer in the Pharmaceutical Industry contracted Irving Polishing & Manufacturing, Inc. to complete an electropolish project on a Tank Bottom Cone used as a part of the Pharmaceutical Vessel. This is a job typifying the nature of work we excel in. Using a specially prepared, temperature controlled electrolyte solution, the valve was submerged and the proper current applied until the specified bright finish was reached. Our advanced parts handling assured every unit was correctly reverse plated. The valve was composed of 316L stainless steel and finished with a #4 sanitary finish.

Irving Polishing is equipped to electropolish parts of differing sizes and shapes, in our modern 30,000 square foot facility outfitted with the latest finishing equipment.

We are proud of our culture of quality, meeting the stringent standards of regulatory boards for our industry. We offer flexibility and reliability to our customers and meet their requests and specifications for each job. For more information about this Tank Bottom Cone electropolishing project or our other available services please see the table below or contact us directly.


Product Name

Tank Bottom Cone

Product Description

This Tank Bottom Cone is used in a Pharmaceutical Vessel application

Electropolishing Capabilities Applied / Processes


Material Used

316L Stainless Steel

Material Finish

15RA Interior Electro-Polished Finish

Industry for Use

Pharmaceutical Industry

Delivery / Turnaround Time

Per Customer Request

Standards Met

Customer Specifications

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