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Custom Sweep Elbows & Long Radius Tubing

Custom Sweep Elbow
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Custom Sweep Elbow
  Sweep Elbows Reference List
Sweep Elbows Reference List

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Irving Polishing's stainless steel fabrication capabilities provide the finest custom sweep elbows possible. These curved products, used in the dairy, food, pharmaceutical, biotech and other industries, are employed in condensers, heat exchangers, process lines and product transport.  We specialize in sanitary approved 316L stainless steel custom sweep elbow production with mill test reports, and our long radius elbows are available with up to 180 degree sweeps. Whatever shape you need them in, we can do it - body cross sections can be square, oval, or round. And we offer a broad range of sizes - with outside diameters from 1" to 10" and tube lengths up to 72", we can make the size you need to fit. 

For each of our customers' unique needs we custom fabricate using a CNC mandrel bending process. Irving Polishing can manufacture sweep elbows for any and all of your products or projects.

We manufacture in quantities from specialty or prototype orders all the way up to large scale production runs. Call Irving Polishing today to find out how we can make the sweep elbows you need.

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Custom Sweep Elbow & Tubing Capabilities

Industry Focus
Dairy(cheese, yogurt, ice cream)
Heavy Equipment
Industry Standards ISO - Compliant
International Organization for Standardization
Stainless Steel

Stainless Alloys

Fabrication Method CNC - Computer-Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machines
Mandrel Bending
Fabrication Product
Light Gauge Structural Tubing
Heavy Gauge Tubing
Body Cross Section Round

Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Fabrication Features
Burrless Chamfer

High Purity
Additional Services Provided
Automatic Bar Cutting

End Trimming
Laser Cutting
Leak Checking
Bend Radius
180 Degree
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